elements,22x33cm (each),2018 element,22x33cm each,2018 ,100 elements,33x22cm(each),2018 ,100 elements,33x22cm(each),2018 ceramic,84x56x19cm each,2018 19cm(15x12x19cm each element),2018 wood,iron,204x60x40cm,2018 X10,7cm each),wooden shelves,2017 life size dimensions,2017 183x177cm(approx),2016 age porcelain plates,barbell,2017 ceramic,fabric,burned matches,2017 Studio SALES di Norberto Ruggeri Studio SALES di Norberto Ruggeri ceramic medals,240x121cm,2017  porcelain plates,barbell,2017 269x100,5x0,5cm,2017 206x5x5,5cm,2017 30x11x22cm(each),2017 ,milan each mask 32x19x166,5cm,2016 terracotta,2016 Testaccio,Rome,2016 Testaccio,Rome,2016 terracotta,100x275cm,2016 2016 (one for each day of the year),2015 (one for each day of the year),2015 (one for each day of the year),2015 Giuseppe Iannaccone,Milan,2015 Giuseppe Iannaccone,Milan,2015 Giuseppe Iannaccone,Milan,2015 333x275cm,2015  Giuseppe Iannaccone Milan Giuseppe Innaccone ,Milan,2016 glazed ceramic,80x60x36cm,2012 Davide Monaldi,ARTISSIMA,2015 figurines,glazed ceramic,2015 225x125cm,2015 handpainted ceramic flowers art project, Florence,2015 ceramic,2015 dimension,2014 2014 of contemporary artists 2014 5x7x0,5cm each,2014 trading cards,2014 80x100x46cm,2014 (detail) ceramic,2013 72x40cm,2014 terracotta,80x18x10cm,2014 Chewingums, ceramic, 2014 184 handmade ceramic candles,shelf installation view(detail) installation view(detail) 150x47x16 cm2012 (detail) IO SONO QUI 2012 glazed-ceramic 75,5X16,5X22,5cm glazed-ceramic 28x43,5x14,5cm