Davide Monaldi  works mainly  with ceramic, a typical material of italian  artisan  tradition that imply  long processing  period of time. His sculptures and installations  grows from  the need to tell a story about his own life through the objects that surrounds him. As a result colourful and playful realistic sculptures of hula-hoops, a whole  bunch of colored rubber bands, walls  covered with fake wallpapers, alternated to a proliferation of weird figurines (that  at  a closer look reveals  themselves  as portraits of the artist himself), provides,  with a melancholyc self-irony,  a representation of his own world. The choice for a young artist to focus all of his production to an almost claustrophobic specific area actually expresses  the desire  to mantain an intimate relationship  with it’s own idea  of making art. Just the fact that in the italian artworld  this material, past  the afterwar years (during which was largely  used by great artists such as Leocillo, Lucio Fontana, Wilfredo Lam) was basically  forgotten, makes Monaldi’s work suspended  between  artisanal  craftmanship  and conceptual  research, surprisingly  anachronistic and capable to shows in the process making  the alienating  condition  of being an emerging artist in this country.

Ilaria Bonacossa